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SPECIALIST meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
My doctor has referred me to a specialist for a second opinion on the results of my blood test. She's' a specialist in Ancient Greece. You'll' need a specialist to do that woodwork. We took specialist advice on restoring our cottage.
Specialist rank Wikipedia.
In 1958 the DoD added two additional pay grades to give enlisted soldiers more opportunities to progress to a full career with additional opportunities for promotion. Thus the recognition was changed to six specialist ranks, and the pay grade was tied into the rank designation: specialist four E-4, specialist five E-5, specialist six E-6, specialist seven E-7, specialist eight E-8, and specialist nine E-9.
Specialist Wikipedia.
Specialist TV series, a 2016 Japanese drama. Specialist, a song by Interpol from Turn On the Bright Lights. The Specialist 1975 film, an American thriller film. The Specialist, a 1994 American action film. The Specialist comics Lo Sconosciuto, an Italian comic.
Specialist Definition of Specialist by Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster Logo.
See the full definition for specialist in the English Language Learners Dictionary. specialist spe-sh-list Kids Definition of specialist. 1: a person who studies or works at a special occupation or branch of learning a specialist in animal behavior an eye specialist.

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