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PVC definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
The last time she went in, there were rails full of club-wear rubber dresses, PVC trousers and little sequined tops. Scarlett Thomas GOING OUT 2002. Franconelli flicked his fingers at the other tarpaulin man, who took the boots and PVC from Graydon's' lap.
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John Lewis Partners Tropical Fish PVC Tablecloth Fabric, Blue. John Lewis Partners Beata PVC Tablecloth Fabric, Smoke. John Lewis Partners Tropical Plants PVC Tablecloth Fabric, Green. John Lewis Partners Caravelle PVC Tablecloth Fabric, Blue. John Lewis Partners Fusion Geo PVC Tablecloth Fabric.
Polyvinyl chloride Wikipedia.
It says: The" use of recovered PVC should be encouraged in the manufacture of certain construction products because it allows the reuse of old PVC This avoids PVC being discarded in landfills or incinerated causing release of carbon dioxide and cadmium in the environment.
PVC Molecule of the Month June 2017 HTML version.
When most people say vinyl, they may mean a type of gramophone record, the flooring material, which is also used to make water pipes and window frames, or material used to make clothing though that is usually referred to as PVC.

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